Photo Contest #1 FAQ

Photo Contest FAQ (English)

Q. Can I upload screenshots of a city I already built?

A. Yes. However, please do not use pictures that have already been posted on SNS, blogs, websites, etc. It is needed to take a screenshot for this contest.

Q. Can I apply for screenshots of the city using MODs, assets and DLC?

A. Yes, you can use those items as many as you want.

Q. Can I use Reshade tool?

A. Reshade tool is not allowed to use, because it is not completed in the game. Please use MOD instead of Reshade tool.

Q. I want to withdraw a picture once posted.

A. You can replace the posted image any number of times during the reception period.

Q. Please tell me the recommended MODs and assets.

A. We are sorry, but it is not possible for us to introduce MODs and assets individually. We will introduce tips on this site, so please refer to the article if you like.

Q. Can I post an image of someone else’s city?

A. No, please submit your own screenshots of your city.

Q. Can I upload the video?

A. No. This contest is PHOTO contest, so please submit only screenshot images.

Q. Although the maximum number of entries is one per category, I can submit multiple pictures to one category.

A. It is the specification of this website. However, please submit up to one picture per category.

Q. I uploaded a picture, but it looks like no one else is posting.

A. To keep fairness, you can not see the pictures posted by others during the reception period.

Q. I want to use a picture posted on this site.

A. Copyrights (or portrait rights) exist for all the picture on this site. Please contact us on Twitter for inquiries regarding the use of the data.

Q. Are the contest organizers the official developer or distributor of Cities: Skylines?

A. No, we are just fans of this video game. Please see “About this site” for details. However, Paradox Interactive, a CS distributor, has been recognized and participated as a special sponsor.