How To Enjoy The Contest

How To Enjoy The Contest

Hi, I’m Gatomo, one of the CSL contest organizers. I would like to introduce the how to enjoy the contest. I will be glad that this article helps to make a decision to join the contest, especially to the hesitating mayors.

Join the Contest If You Want To

  1. Win something
  2. Improve city building skills by yourself
  3. Be evaluated your city
  4. See other cities
  5. Simply join the contest

How To Enjoy

  1. Prizes

    We will prepare the prizes for top 3! A lot of mayors around the world join our contest. So, it is hard to win the prize. For this reason, you may get to be respected by others.

  2. Recognize new appeal of your city
    You will watch your city carefully to seek the best photo spot. In this process, you will recognize new appeal of your city. It is one of the pleasures of Cities: Skylines to view the city from your favorite place.
  3. Improve your city building skills
    Some mayors may redevelop your city to make best photo spot. Other mayors may open up a new world. In either case, most mayors will be worried about city building. You will study new knowledge, try some new techniques, scrap and build your city again and again. This experience leads your city building skills to higher level.
  4. Camera Technique
    City building skill is not enough to win the contest. Photo skill is also important, because this event is PHOTO contest. From where, which angle, what time to take a screenshot. Practicing a photo skill is key essential to appeal your city. Why don’t you take a miracle screenshot that will surprise judges and viewers?
  5. Get the hint from other cities
    Are you interested in cities that other mayors built? You will be able to view all entries after final round. Please visit various cities by all means. Then, you find good examples and tips from other cities.  Your city provides some hints to the others too.

The Reason Why I Organize The Contest

I clearly remember the first impression of Cities: Skylines. My first met to this game is on the video of a famous player. I found the Cities: Skylines on his list. I was interested in such kind of games, because I have played “SimCity 2000” and “A-Train 9”. However, Cities: Skylines was exceeding my expectations. Wonderful 3D buildings, jammed cars, walking citizens. There was massive lived-in feel.

I was very impressed. The game was installed into my computer without thought. I was exciting, like a little boy, throughout loading my first map. It was very fun time. Incidentally, after that, I reset the game soon because of right-hand traffic.

After a while, I realized an even better point about this game.

The ordinary play gives me enough experience. Additionally, the high quality custom assets and MODs are released by the fantastic creators everyday. The wonderful players build their city by using those items. Then the screenshots and videos are delivered to a lot of fans all over the world. It is brilliant flow.

I have never seen a title that game developers, contributors and fans have built such as great community. 

As one of the mayors, I want to liven up Cities: Skylines by holding the contest. To all mayors loving Cities: Skylines, shall we liven up this title? It would be a great pleasure to me as a contest organizer if you participate in this contest!