Photo Contest #3


コンテスト概要 Overview of Contest

Cities: Skylinesの非公式フォトコンテストです。Cities: Skylinesプレイヤーであればどなたでも参加いただけます。気軽にご参加ください。

This is an unofficial photo contest of Cities: Skylines. This contest is an open competition for all Cities: Skylines mayors. Entries are welcome from around the world.

テーマ Theme

日常 - Usual Life / Usual Scenery -

日常を思わせる写真であれば何でもOKです。Cities: Skylinesで日常生活の一部を切り取ってみませんか。

Any screenshots regarding USUAL is okay. Pick up someone's usual life or usual scenery in Cities: Skylines.

カテゴリー Categories

  1. コンソール版 Console
  2. PC版 Steam/GeForce NOW

スケジュール Schedule

* この日程は変更になる可能性があります。@csl_contest をフォローし、最新情報をご確認ください。
This schedule is subject to change. Please follow @csl_contest to get updates.

応募規定 Rules

1.Cities Skylinesの街のスクリーンショット画像作品で、インターネット上(Twitter等のSNSを含む)で未発表のものに限ります。

You can submit the screenshot picture(s) of Cities Skylines. The picture(s) must also be original and unpublished to other media including SNS such as Twitter.


An applicant can only be entered once for each categories.

最大サイズ:3000px x 3000px または 5 MBをオーバーしないもの
画像の編集:リサイズのみ可能。それ以外の画像の編集・加工は一切実施しないようお願いします。色や光の調整をしたい場合は、PC版であればMODをご利用ください。Limitation of the picture
Max size: 3000px x 3000px or less than equal 5 MB
Image format: JPEG
Editing images: only resizing is allowed. Please do not edit or process images other than resizing. If you want to adjust the color or lighting, please use MOD for PC version.

  • 本ウェブサイトにおけるコンテスト関連記事作成
  • コンテスト関連動画 / 書籍作成
  • これらの記事、動画を宣伝する目的でのTwitter等SNS上への投稿


The copyright of the entry belongs to the photographer, but the contest organizers can use the entry in related activities of the contest.
Range available to the contest organizers

  • Create contest-related articles on this website
  • Create contest-related videos and contest-related book
  • Posting on Twitter and other SNS for the purpose of promoting these articles and videos

If the contest organizers use it for any purpose other than the above, the contest organizers must obtain permission separately from the copyright holder.

応募方法 Application Method


Entry from "Upload Photo" in this page. Click here for details. The picture title, picture description and Twitter account are required.

賞品 Prizes


There are 2 types of the prize. One is a prize based on the number of votes received in the final screening.

Steam/GeForce NOW
[JPY 10,000] Gift Certificates*
1位/1st Place1位/1st Place
[JPY 4,000] Gift Certificates*
2位/2nd Place
[JPY 3,000] Gift Certificates*
2位/2nd Place3位/3rd Place
[JPY 2,000] Gift Certificates*
4位/4th Place
[JPY 1,000] Gift Certificates*
3位/3rd Place5位/5th Place

Another is the special award. The judges select works of outstanding ideas and those that are appropriate to the theme.

Steam/GeForce NOW
審査員特別賞 / Judges' Special Award10,000円相当のギフト券*
[JPY 10,000] Gift Certificates*
全体から1作品 / 1 work from whole
審査員賞 / Judges' Award1,000円相当のギフト券*
[JPY 1,000] Gift Certificates*
審査員1人につき1作品 / 1 work per a judge

*: Amazon Gift Certificates or Steam Gift



審査方法 Screening Process


レギュレーション違反のチェック / Check regulatory violations :

審査員がすべてのエントリーに対し、以下の観点からレギュレーション違反を確認します。The judges check all entries for regulatory violations from following point of view.

  • 適切なカテゴリーに応募されているか / Applying to the appropriate category
  • 画像サイズ、容量が適切か / Picture size and file size
  • テーマへの適合 / Fit to the theme
    We will not exclude any work unless it is clearly in keeping with the theme.
1次審査 / 1st screening :

1st screening will be voted via Twitter. Top 2 entries in the group will advance to the final vote.  Each of the 4 late entries are treated as one group. If the number of entries is not divisible by 4, the first some groups to arrive will be considered as one group of three entries. You can see an example of grouping. The big number means late entry.

An example of Twitter vote. You can vote for one per group.

最終審査 / Final Vote :

The final vote held on YouTube Live. Unlike past competitions, only the votes from the live voting will determine the final rankings.

A live viewer has 1 vote. The organizer will describe the details about how to vote on the live streaming.

A judge has the vote, which is 10% of live viewer at specific time. For example, a judge has 10 votes if there is 100 live viewers.

審査員 / Judges

審査委員長 / Head Judge

Ryuichi Kaminogi (CSL Japan Discord Administrator, Asset Creator, YouTube Live Streamer)

審査員 / Judge

Tokachi (CSL Japan Discord Administrator, Asset Creator)

People (CSL Console Japan Discord Administrator, YouTube Live Streamer)

poti (Illustrator, YouTube Live Streamer)

よくある質問 FAQ

Please review the FAQ (English) before contacting us.

お問い合わせ Contact us

Twitter: @csl_contest